Call me Yogi-G

I've been practicing yoga on my own for a few years now.  Recently, though, my yoga practice hasn't been serious.  Still, I somehow incorporate some yoga pose into my workout at the gym when the aerobics room.  I practice handstands, backbends and use some yoga poses to stretch out my muscles after a long and gruelling weight training workout. Some mornings - when I remember, meditate and chant mantras to try and jumpstart my day positively. Since finding the love of yoga a few years back, it was always in the back of my mind thatI would want to take my practice seriously and step it up a level; perhaps teach some day.  I wanted to gain the knowledge of the movements, the poses and the connections created with one's self when practicing yoga.  I wanted to learn how to teach it correctly and take my practice to the next level.  So when I learned about Wanderlust and that with a short 13-hour drive  I had the opportunity to practice with a community of yogis and Internationally renowned instructors who taught different concentrations of yoga, I had to go.

 I'm quite glad I did.

Upon returning from Wanderlust, my mind was made up.  This was the year that I was going to teach.  I want to earn my certification, strengthen my own practice and be earn the privilege to teach others the benefits and peace with their own yoga practice.

Starting September, I embark on this journey.  I will start my 200 RYT to become a certified yoga instructor.  There will definitely be more yoga/fitness and inspirational posts on here, but I'll try to keep it informative and fun.

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