Glorifé Simon is the Founder of Glorife Creative Inc. She is a creative connoisseur. A think-tank full of visual & conceptual ideas which she channels into her PR & Branding commissions. Glorifé creates for topics she loves: lifestyle (beauty, style, home) mental health, wellness & travel.
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Seed & Spark

A digital platform & conference meant to equip amazing entrepreneurial women; who are creative, driven & humble, with tools they'll need to achieve the life of their dreams & do good.


Every person has a story in their past that molds them into who they are today. the EE*LAO project is designed to to create digital buzz where the Filipino community of Calgary and across the nation, can share theirs.


O Hello Sunshine

A lighthearted lifestyle blog that   touches on home, life, wellness & travel.

We are so blessed in PINOY Breakthrough team to have asked this wonderful lady, Glorife Cocjin to be our last speaker that day of PB 2018 Ignite Leadership. They always say “Save the Best for Last” and I think this is 100% true...observing the auditorium, Glorife knew that the room could not make it through another 30 minutes. So making her speech short, she lead us through a very effective meditation to relax our bodies and mind after hearing 8 speakers before her...It was exactly what the audience needed. I am really honoured to work with her.”
— Kathy Arellano, KA Events, Calgary
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