Transformation Tuesday: August 31st, 2016

 1. A month away from Giving birth to my 3rd child.  My body prior to this pregnancy was already over weight, loose and unhealthy. I was a size 8 going into the pregnancy and after, I was a size 12. My frame is tiny. 5'0" and my bone structure is very slim. ++++

2. 1 year post baby. After my third child I tried so hard to lose as much weight.  I lost the weight, but it was far to fast, and in an unhealthy way. I survived on meal replacements, did an hour of 2 of cardio and did he p90x disc over and over again. I was hooked on LOOKING good. Not feeling good, and because my diet was unhealthy. I would bringe on crappy food because I wasn't getting enough healthy food into my system. I was tired, cranky and unpleasant, and I looked, tired cranky and unpleasant. But I was small again, to me that was all that mattered.  But because I lost all that weight so quickly, and was now a size 2, I had loose skin and my tummy muscles were still quite weak (I had diastasis with my 2nd pregnancy and it was never addressed - more on this later) . I was small, but I could barely do a sit-up.  Then I stopped breastfeeding and gain 10 pounds of unwanted ... Everything. 


3 & 4.  5 years post baby. This is my body now. More definition, more muscle, and more booty.  I've started to be creative with my food, and with my workout. I lift weights, run cuz it's fun, and do yoga for therapy.  Being fit is a big part of my life now. It's no longer about aesthetics, it's about living a healthier lifestyle. I'm a steady size 4 (I'll probably never be a 2 ever again cuz, come on, I got booty), I can actually flex and see arm definition now, and I can feel my ab diastasis recti fixing itself and fell definition in my abdominals.

It's been a long, emotional, exhausting ,and a lot of the time, frustrating fitness journey, but I'm learning. I'm learning to listen to my body and understand how food works for me. My will power, over the padte w months have also gotten stronger. Mostly because of my trainer, Gary Owen, from Richmond World Health, but though my progress has been slow, there's progress.  There's a long way to go, but I'll get there. The thing with being a fitness junkie is that you are never truly happy with your results. There's always room for improvement. 

Favorite Fit Girl: Kacy Catanzaro. She's kick ass.