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Thanksgiving List of Giving

Thanksgiving List of Giving

When pumpkin spice lattes - or anything pumpkin, or spice, or both - is the precursor to the start of fall, thanksgiving is the precursor to the holiday festivities and feasts.  And what happens with the festivities roll in?  We get in the mood of giving!

Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of work.  Love, sweat, and sometimes blood is poured into it, so when you've been invited over for Thanksgiving dinner, consider yourself honoured and loved.  Show our appreciation by giving your host or hostess a token a gift for feeding you this weekend!

Consider the following gifts:


Torres Wines

Torres Winery is one of the oldest wine makers in the industry.  Creating wines since the mid 1800's, the winery has bottled some of the best wines to be awarded in the world.  Two of the wines that I picked for Thanksgiving dinner is the Vina Esmeralda, a beautifully aromatic white wine and the Celeste Crianza, a well rounded red wine. For more info, read here.


Trinket Dishes / Side dishes

Nothing says, "Thank you for feeding me" like giving your the host or hostess a more dishes for them to wash and take up space in their cabinets like side dishes to remember you by. 


Autumn Spice Themed Diffuser

I personally love diffusers.  I use it to make my house smell like baked cookies, cinnamon, evergreen or sakura flowers, depending on the season.  This host or hostess gift idea is an easy gift and one that usually doesn't require much thought.  Candles work as well. 


Favorite Recipe Book

Personally, receiving recipe books from my friends are my favorite.  Especially if they've written a dedication on the cover and have tabbed the recipes they love or ones they think I will love. Thought has gone into this gift, and it makes it a simple, but very personal gift. 


Tangine or a beautiful dish you can leave behind

Though you know that your host or hostess has slaved in the kitchen most of the day to make sure that your meal is exceptional, it's a nice gesture to bring something that you think everyone will like.  If so, I suggest you leave the dish behind as a gift to the host or hostess. I personally buy a dish I think they love, bring it to the dinner with food I've made for the event, and then leave the dish for the host letting them know that the dish is a gift to them as thanks for creating a feast. 

These are just a few gift ideas to give to the host.  I've picked a few more out for you to look through. 
Take note though, make it personal to you.  If you like giving gag gifts, make it a gag gift.  Make it fun and unique, just like you.

Thanksgiving Recipes You'll Love

Thanksgiving Recipes You'll Love