2 Torres Wines You Need for Thanksgiving

I had the privilege of attending a wine tasting of Torres Wines and I loved it.  The story of the winery and the wines is so romantic, aromatic and personal.  For those who don't really pay attention to wine, all you need to know is that it's one of the best wines to drink for thanksgiving, and definitely the wines to give as a gift to the host or hostess for your thanksgiving meal.

Dark cherry red with intense garnet highlights. Aromas of black fruit (wild blackberries, blueberries) and delicate toasted notes (coffee) with nicely oak-aged undertones (toasted oak). Serious and warm with very fine, juicy, velvety tannins.
— Food Pairing: Variety of meat dishes and game dishes. Best served at 14–16°C.

The Vina Esmeralda has a romantic tale to it.  I suggest you visit this link to learn more, but it's a beautiful dedication from one Italian husband to his adoring German wife. 

Brilliant pale straw yellow. Fragrant, floral (orange blossom), with delicate nuances of exotic fruit (cherimoya) and a note of apple jam. Smooth and exquisitely luscious on the palate, leaving a subtle honeyed trace.
— Tasting Note: sublime seafood appies, Asian food. Serve at 11ºC

During harvest of the grapes the field workers would look up and see the bright celestial moon and stars shining down on them, almost giving them heavenly blessing as they pick the grapes for us to drink in celebration.  Learn more about the wine, here. 

Thank you to Pacific Wines for providing the wines in the images above, and for Torres wines for educating me in the romance behind the winery.