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Product Review: Memoire Liquide

Product Review: Memoire Liquide

In particular with the lotion I use. Generally, my body lotion is odourless and super gentle. Lately though, I've been okay with using perfumed lotion when I go to the gym. Nobody wants to smell strong perfume as you walk by and at the same time, nobody wants to smell your sweaty disgusting B.O. So I purchased this: the Memoire Liquide, Amour lotion.  The scent isnt too strong, but I wouldn't consider it too subtle either. The notes for the "Amour", reminds me of the familiar. The memory of exhilarating, romantic love, at once soul soothing and breath taking. The smell of Pure Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Incense. Their website indicates that the top note is black orchid, the middle note is Tonka Bean (Madagascar vanilla) and the base note is incense. I'm a bit of a romantic myself, so like I said, the aroma gave off a sense of the familiar. 

According to the directions on product, your body must be clean and still dewy/damp prior to lathering. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to try it out after a good strong leg day in the gym. 

The lotion came out in a surprising creamy yellow hue.  I was expecting pearly creamish colour or white at least. The lotion isn't like ones I've used. It's not too Liquid-y, and it's not a dense cream substance either.  In fact, it kind of reminds me of soft nearly melted ice cream. As I lathered it on my arms and my legs and the rest of my body the lotion's scent came out strong but as I lathered it in even more and it settled into my skin, it wasn't as strong as before. I smelt of ice cream. I love it. 

It did not leave my body oily or leave it thirsty for something richer. Perhaps it was because I didn't completely dry my body off prior to lathering it on (I followed the instructions). But even when I use a pea-size amount on my hands after washing the dishes and drying my hands off, it still feels soft and smells of ice cream. 

Click on the image above or the links in this blog to direct you to the purchase page for the lotion.  I highly recommend it! 

Escaping Cabin Fever with Etsy! YAY, SPRING!

Escaping Cabin Fever with Etsy! YAY, SPRING!