Oh hey, January

It's January and it's 2018. 

Like most people, I used to make so many big new years resolution plans every January 1st.  Not this year.  This year, I have no resolutions. Instead, I have intentions for 2018

          to have faith in myself.

I have a tendency to think too much.  It's my personality.  If you believe in astrology, I'm a virgo.  If you believe in the Myers-Briggs personality identification, I'm an ENFP; the campaigner/champion.  I have also dealt with postpartum depression after having my daughter, and was recently diagnosed as clinically depressed a couple years ago.  I'm a highly emotional person, but in truth, most people who are dealing with depression usually are.

Last year, I decided to focus on me. To dive deep into my heart and find what it is that can bring back my spark.  It's given my anxiety attacks, insomnia and many many nights of crying alone feeling like nobody understands. 

This year...
I just let it be.  I'll let the universe decide what I need.  Let the stars align and pray that I find my wandering soul. Maybe, just maybe, I'll stop having panic attacks, and emotional breakdowns.  Now that I've set that intention up for myself, there are other factors that can prevent it from happening.  I hope there are no obstacles along the way. 

She was one of the rare ones,
so effortlessly herself,
and the world loved her for it.
— atticus