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10 Cute Parisienne Home Decor Ideas

10 Cute Parisienne Home Decor Ideas

One day I'll wake up to the beautiful Parisian sun shining through my window, where I quickly change and start my day at a neighborhood cafe for breakfast before I explore the beautiful city and the country-side, but for now, I'll settle for being inspired by these cute Parisienne decor ideas, that I discovered from "How to be Pariesenne"


 TOP LEFT: Artfully-arranged objects and knick-knacks (however bizarre they may be) can help add an artsy, Surrealist touch to a room for next to nothing. Here, we used mini-paella pans with mirrors glued into them, plus old pocket watch parts and paper fish to add personality to a plain wall.

TOP RIGHT: Murals are an easy way to add something to a room without breaking the bank. A simple drawing to add a little bit of charm will do.

BOTTOM: Get DIY-ing and make some hanging rope shelves with this relatively straight forward tutorial we found online via Mr. Kate.


 LEFT: Mix and match halogen suspension lamps with old, hardcover books threaded onto rope. Be sure to play with the levels so they're not all hanging in a straight line.

RIGHT: Rummage through flea markets for old-school pharmacy bottles you can repurpose as flower vases.

BOTTOM: Forget matching dining sets: here, we mixed old wooden bistro seats we found in a Normandy flea market with old classroom chairs, re-upholstered by Rosa, our office sewing expert.


 LEFT: Show off your literary prowess by turning your book collection into a series of standing sculptures for a cozy, eclectic cabin vibe.

RIGHT: Create balance in a space by mixing darker, more "masculine" textures like leather and metal with soft, cream-colored fabrics and light wood. If you've got dark wood floors or cool-colored walls like we do here, try a Moroccan Berber rug to bring warmth and light into the space.



 LEFT: Drink your way to a new living room piece by repurposing an old wine crate as a low coffee table. C'est tellement Anthropologie, no?

RIGHT: Bring some real greenery into your space with an elegant indoor tree.  Fig tree ads a little life into the room.  I personally love large plants in a home.  It adds decoration and life all at once.

Panko Zucchini Steak

Panko Zucchini Steak

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