Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Photography by: Remember When Photography

Photography by: Remember When Photography

Cuz you know....Nothing expresses sincerely like a family picture that's sent to everyone proclaiming, "Here, I remembered you, and here's proof 'cause I'm sending you a photo of me and my family so you can remember us too."

Just joking...
(or am I...)

Let's face facts. Christmas now-a-days is more materialistic than it is sentimental.  I remind my kids every year that they should just be happy that someone is thinking of them enough to actually want to give them a gift.  Christmas is meant to be in celebration of Jesus' birth, and really, we should be giving Jesus gifts, but all he asks is that we are kind to one another and help those who cannot help themselves. 

So I hope you remember the true meaning of Christmas this year.  That you get to spend time with your family or friends, no matter where you are tonight.